How to Configure DNS in Windows Server 2012

This Post will explain step by step how to configure DNS server. These Steps are Similar for Windows Server 2008, Windows 2012 and Windows Server 2016.

What is DNS ?

DNS  Stands for Domain Name System, In simple Word, it is used to connects URLs with their IP address With DNS, it is possible for a user to use familiar words in a browser instead of an IP address of a website. When you search for a Domain name in a browser, it will send a query over the DNS to match the domain with its corresponding IP. Once located, it will use the IP to retrieve the website’s content. Lets Configure DNS in Windows Server 2012

Open the Server Manager from the taskbar. Click on DNS, Right Click your server and select DNS Manger

Configure DNS in Windows Server 2012

Click the Action Tab/ Select Configure a DNS Server. Click the Action Tab Select Configure a DNS Server.

Configure DNS Windows Server

Before Configuring the DNS Server we have to understand some terms.

Forward lookup zone: It is a DNS function that takes a domain name and resolves it to its IP address.

Reverse lookup zone: It is a DNS function that takes an IP address and resolves it to its domain name.

Root hints only: It has the IP addresses of DNS servers where records can be Searched or acquired.

The Configure DNS Server Wizard will come up click Next to continue and select one of the following actions:

Configure DNS Windows Server

Select where the DNS data will be maintained for your Local network resources, and then click Next

Configure DNS Windows Server

Enter your new zone name, in this case, and click Next.

Configure DNS Windows Server

Create a new zone file or use an existing one from a different DNS server

Configure DNS Windows Server

Now you will select how your DNS server will respond to Dynamic Updates.

Configure DNS Windows Server

Now select whether your DNS server should forward queries or not. If you choose YES, Then type the IP of the server and click Next. If NO, select No, it should not forward queries and Click Next.

Configure DNS Windows Server

Click on  Finish and you’re all done here.

Configure DNS Windows Server

We have Configure DNS in Windows Server 2012, these steps are similar for Windows Server 2008. Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016