Reset FortiGate Password Firewall

This article explains to reset the Forget FortiGate Password Firewall.

This article will help to reset your Fortigate Password .you have to be fast for resetting the password. So follow the below step to reset the password.

Connect Your Laptop to the firewall via the Console port on the back of the unit. In most units, this is done either by a Serial cable or an RJ-45 to Serial cable to reset forget FortiGate Password

Your terminal setting Should be:

  • SpeedBaud – 9600
  • Data Bits – 8 Bit
  • Parity – None
  • Stop Bits – 1
  • Flow Control – No Hardware Flow Control
  • Com Port – the correct COM port

To do this you have to log in Firewall and reset the password using the “maintainer” account. Password has its own format and it will be bcpb<serial-number of firewall>

Reset fortigate admin password

Reboot the firewall. If there is no power button, disconnect the power adapter and reconnect it after 10 seconds. Plugging in the power too soon after unplugging it can cause corruption in the memory in some units. you have only 14 seconds or less to type in the username and password.  It might, therefore, be necessary to have the credentials ready in a notepad, and then copy and paste them into the login screen.  There is no indicator of when your time runs out so it is possible that it might take more than one attempt to succeed.

Execute below commands to reset the password.

In a unit where VDOMs are not enabled:
config system admin 

edit admin

set password  end 

In a unit where VDOMs are enabled:

config global 

config system admin

edit admin

set password   


Disable the maintainer admin account

config system global

set admin-maintainer disable


By Following the above Steps you Can reset Fortigate Password it is similar for the all Version having above 5.0 Firmware.

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